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automated multi-language html index, index for print, batch image scaling



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HTML Indexer is just this, an automated multi-language html index file generator. It can also be used as a batch image resize tool. Finally, it can also generate a thumbnail index on a paper size of your choice.

Both the html indexes and galleries as well as the "contact-sheets" are based on a list of input files. It can also be used simply as a batch image scaler cum jpg-converter, and might be extended to do other repetitive operations on the given images as well (colour balancing, etc.).

The file-list and all the preferences (html colours, fonts, etc.) can be saved in project files for multi-session work. Batch doesn't mean "unfriendly" so there is also a graphical interface.

If you find yourself often building a lot of multilingual html galleries or if you are a photographer with loads of images to index-print or if you simply find yourself changing by hand image resolutions and compression quality then this tool might make your life a lot easier.

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carlos bukowski

super cool...

I have 30M files to scale and it takes about 10 sec per image.

In order to make presentations it used to take me a whole afternoon for scaling 20-30 pictures print them, edit a selection then make a slideshow. Now I prepare my projects in a few minutes, then hit "render" and in a minute or two it's over.

I'd like to be able to change the margin when index printing, the rest is perfect for what I do.

dragos florescu

I've seen some pictures arranged with Quadra and it look perfect.

codrin ceausoglu

simple & efficient!



- better html output look and file navigation

- faster image scaling
- removed "integer" division (might get some swapping on sys. < 64M :-) )


added BSD license


it now uses the built-in navigation functions -- so it should run on any platform


updated file navigation for version 2007b and it now uses built-in matlab functions; it should now run on Linux as well

This tool accelerates a few operations that I found myself doing over and over again.

This tool accelerates a few operations that I found myself doing over and over again.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.4 (R2007a)

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