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Real-Time Stock Viewer

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Plot and analyze live market data from Bloomberg or Yahoo.



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Using MATLAB TIMER objects, this demo either downloads or creates market prices and plots the results automatically at a desired frequency.
If the Datafeed Toolbox is available, you can download market data from Bloomberg (with a license) or Yahoo to analyze stock prices as they change. If not, random prices can be created.

As the data is updated, the demo will determine if the price has risen, lowered, or stayed the same. If it has risen, the price will be plotted as green. If it has lowered, it will be plotted as red. If it is unchanged, it will be blue.

This demo should help users become familiar with TIMER objects, and can be used as a template for creating more realistic and advanced "real-time" trading applications.

There are different command line files for each data source ? Bloomberg, Yahoo, random ? and a GUI that combines all three.

If you want to learn the basics of TIMERs, the command line files are probably the best place to start.

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doesn't connect to yahoo anymore... need help

Nice application for pulling all the pieces together to get stock data programmatically. Thanks.


Great work! ;)


jordan (view profile)


steve (view profile)

gives wrong numbers. It is saying now that GE is $80 but GE is about $23 now.

buggy app

Saad Zaman

An awesome tool. A little more guideline/documentatio would've made it perfect

Xiao Wang

Manoj Rengarajan


Updated license


Updated to include an App file for R2012b.


Updated the ReadMe files


Updated the ReadMe file, added a BSD license.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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