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ss2sf - Subsystem-to-S Function

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Convert a subsystem to an s-function via the MATLAB command line.



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Typically, you have to right-click on a subsystem, choose Real Time Workshop -> Generate S-Function in order to replace a standard Simulink subsystem with an S-function.
With ss2sf, you can provide a cell array of subsystem paths and the function will replace the specified subsystems with their s-function equivalents.

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Michael Bölling

This works fine when you don't use busses. When a bus is used you can get error messages like this:
'model/subsystem' must be connected to a Bus Creator, Bus Selector or a block that outputs a bus using a bus object. It can also be connected to bus capable blocks that meet the conditions for supporting buses provided the bus entering the block has been created by using a bus creator.

The internal S-Function Generator works somehow different. It seems to split the bus signals into single signals. An information how that works would be appreciated.


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