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Create Word Document from MATLAB Figure

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Oens a MATLAB figure file, pastes figure to Word Document, and ...

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The program is designed to work for figures with one graph and a title. It opens the MATLAB Figure File, reads then deletes the Title, and copies the graph to the clipboard. The graph in the clipboard is pasted to a Word Document and the string containing the title is written as text in the Word Document, along with today's date.

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ANKIT MEHTA (view profile)

Thanks James.
Great thing. Saves a lot of time.

Denn Weber

It's actually good programm, but I missed only one thing...The Header and Footer data..
I'd like to put a table with information into header part and some text into footer!!!

peng bin

I want to read it

h k

Garner Izru

A great routine, simple but useful! Thanks James!

Jialing Liu

nice program! useful!

Theodore Rieger

This works! Use it!

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