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ISPR - Use Java to determine arbitrarily large probable primes

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Use a Java to rapidly determine whether an arbitrarily large positive integer is a prime



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ISPR - Rapidly determine whether an
arbitrarily large positive integer
is a probable prime.

USAGE: q = ispr(n)
q = ispn(n,1)

n = positive integer, either as a numeric or string datatype

q = 1 if n is prime, 0 if n is composite

1 = any second input will cause the
function to output a message describing
the result in plain language, including
(if n is probably prime) a statement
about the certainty with which n is
claimed to be prime.

Notes: Probable primes are also known as "industrial strength" primes because
of the exceedlingly high probability --
but not certainty -- of primality. This
function utilizes the Java class
"BigInteger" with its method

For small integers, you can use numeric
inputs; however, for abitrarily large
integers, you must input the number
as a string in order to avoid an
overflow. Note the overflow error in
the second to last example below.


I believe that 314159 is prime, but
there is a 1 in 590295810358705650000
chance that I am mistaken.

I believe that 338327950288419716939 is
prime, but there is a 1 in 664613997892457940000000000000000000
chance that I am mistaken.

338327950288419680000 is definitely not

>> for i=1:1000;if ispr(i);fprintf('%i ',i);end;end;fprintf('\n')

Michael Kleder, September 2004

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Nikola Toljic

Great. Thanks.

Claudia Patricia Renteria Mejia

I need this function for develop a cryptography project. I know it will be helpful.

Gil Roitto

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