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dtsp_ga_basic(nStop​s, popSize, numIter, xy, range, speed )

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Truck Drone Traveling Salesman Problem genetic algorithm solver (dtsp)



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This genetic algorithm solves the truck drone in tandem team or "last mile" effort for traveling salesman problem for parcel delivery operations (i.e. UPS, FedEx). Each truck carries a drone which is launched from a stop to deliver a parcel within range to a nearby stop while operating in parallel with the truck. The truck and drone work in parallel operations to deliver packages. The drone is constrained by both range and capacity. As such, it must operate in close proximity of the truck as an operation. An operation is when a truck launches the drone, truck and drone deliver to separate locations, and the truck then recovers the drone at a rendezvous location for battery swaps and loading. The idea is to determine a route for truck and drone (as well as operations) that minimizes total time. Total time is based on the times for the operations (launch-deliver-recover). The max time of an operation (truck or drone) is used to calculate total time for the route.

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cost function efficiency


Improved performance of cost function


updated cost function for return to depot.


Simplified the file


Update number hubs

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MATLAB 8.5 (R2015a)

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