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Spectral Element Method for wave propagation and rupture dynamics.

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The Spectral Element Method combines the accuracy of spectral methods with the geometrical flexibility of finite elements. The SEM is widely used in computational fluid dynamics and has been succesfully applied to problems in Seismology ranging from regional to global scale wave propagation and earthquake dynamics.
SEMLAB is a set of scripts intended for tutorial purposes. Problems solved include wave propagation and dynamic earthquake rupture in 1D and 2D.
For production codes in Fortran/MPI please refer to SEM2DPACK or SPECFEM3D.

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Hi guys,

I would like to know if someone knew about a MATLAB code for P-SV wave using Spectral Element Method.

Thanks for everything

Denis Anikiev

dileesh pv

y j

thanks ,very excellent.



Slightly cleaner and better documented code.


Discrete dispersion and boundary impedance analysis

Implicit solver (1D)

Perfectly Matched Layers (split/unsplit)

Friction +off-fault dissipation example

new example: viscoplastic shear band propagation
new functions: MeshBox and FindNearestNode

add comments, references, etc.

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