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MATLAB Contest - Furniture

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All the files needed to develop and score an entry for the ninth MATLAB® Programming Contest.



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The ninth MATLAB Programming Contest, Furniture, ran from November 3-10, 2004.
You are given the task of rearranging furniture in a room while doing as least work as possible. For more information, see the contest page:

Comments and Ratings (1)

Pedro L. Galindo

If you run the example shown in the rules,
with the supplied solver, you get easily a first movement equal to move = [ 4 1 ; ...
which is impossible.
There is a problem with rows and columns,
x and y, etc. in the solver, and in the
runcotest routines.
It is considering North=3, East=1, South=2, West=4.


Updated license


Added missing test suites.


Fixed copyright line.

Remove negative weights from test suite.

Fix a bug in the error checking. Since "a" and "af" are matrices, line 88 of runcontest.m should be "if any(a(:)~=af(:))".

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

Inspired: Grabar sonido

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