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Versatile Modulator


César Delgado (view profile)


05 Nov 2004 (Updated )

Template for signal manipulation GUI.

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This GUI has been thought to be a templete for new projects that required signal manipulation.
    GUI manipulate files. Those files must be created by the digital signal processor, and should contain the signals of the more relevant points of the systems.
   Exists a function that works as interface between GUI and the processor. Changing that function properly allow to reuse the GUI on different projects.
    On this example, a versatile modulator has been place as DSP.
    Basically consists on a IQ modulator used for M-ASK, M-QAM, BPSK, QPSK modulated signal generation.

   Hope this could be useful,


    A.- Not heavily test, and not finshed yet.
    B.- Block processing style: so, generate an process a set of samples, then the next set, etc. This allow to process a large amount of samples on a reasonable time, cause the memory is not overloaded.

    C.- Bits representation over signals does not work fine yet.

    D.- Easy implementation: easy to understand and with few well commented functions and scripts to config.
    All the system is distributed on a folder hierarchy, each folder with the functions related to one specific goal.

    E.- Constelation calculation wrong: cause it is not well considered the group delay of the raise cosine filter.

    F.- Take special care on:
       F.1.- Time vector definition: in order to continue properly the time axe between blocks
       F.2.- Memory manipulation: to extract the initial conditions and save the final conditions of each block properly.
    G.- DSP environment parameters: memory can also be used to keep all the required environment of the DSP (filters coeficients, flags, initial conditions of the system for the incoming block, etc.).

Required Products Communications System Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
MATLAB Search Path
Other requirements Add folder and subfolders on Matlab path. Space for temporary files.
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15 Nov 2007 Vini .......

want a matlab code for ASK, PSK, FSK....

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05 Sep 2006 ANKIT GARG


22 Aug 2006 Cesar Delgado

The code of the modulator is on processing folder. About the demodulation, there are two families: coherent and incoherent. From each family there are several types, and depends on the modulation used.

The more general way is the Costas Loop but, unfortunately, it is not implemented. The only one implemented is the square demodulator for BPSK. You can also find it on the processing folder.

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07 Aug 2006 ripan das

just give me the matlab code of ASK,FSK & PSK modulation & demodulation.

18 Jun 2006 liliam RODRIGUEZ


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26 May 2006 jose pacheco

me parece un interesante trabajo. felicitaciones..

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06 Jul 2005 Gurminder Dhanjoon

15 Nov 2004 thac chi dinh sy

15 Nov 2004

Update of the system

15 Nov 2004

New review of the code

15 Nov 2004

Completely different squeme, more focus to be a GUI for signal manipulation, that comes from user configurable signal processing squeme.

16 Nov 2004

New update of teh system.

16 Nov 2004

New update

16 Nov 2004

Refreshing the ScreenShot

17 Nov 2004

Completing explanation

30 Mar 2016 1.0

BSD License

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