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Water Wheel Generator in Simscape

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Water wheel connected to electric generator modeled in Simscape



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This example shows a water wheel modeled using Simscape Multibody.

This example models the transfer of power from hydraulic flow to an electrical system. Water flowing from a spout fills buckets on a water wheel. A hole in the bottom of each bucket allows the water to drain. The wheel is asymmetrically loaded (full buckets on one side, empty buckets on the other) which causes the wheel to turn. The wheel is connected through a gear to a generator which produces 12 volts across a resistive load.

This example uses the General Variable Mass block from Simscape Multibody to model the varying mass, inertia, and center of gravity location in each bucket. This is coupled with a hydraulic model for the flow of water and an electrical network, all modeled in Simscape.

Please read the README.txt file to get started.

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