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Quantum Hilbert Image Scrambling

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Quantum Hilbert image Scrambling



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Analogies between quantum image processing (QIP) and classical one indicate
that quantum image scrambling (QIS), as important as quantum Fourier transform (QFT),
quantum wavelet transform (QWT) and etc., should be proposed to promote QIP. Image
scrambling technology is commonly used to transform a meaningful image into a disordered
image by permutating the pixels into new positions.
This project is a MATLAB simulation related to the following paper :
Jiang, Nan, Luo Wang, and Wen-Ya Wu. "Quantum Hilbert image scrambling." International Journal of Theoretical Physics 53.7 (2014): 2463-2484.
The Hilbert image scrambling algorithm, which is commonly used in classical image processing, is carried out in quantum computer by giving the scrambling quantum circuits. First,
a modified recursive generation algorithm of Hilbert scanning matrix is given. Then based
on the flexible representation of quantum images, the Hilbert scrambling quantum circuits,
which are recursive and progressively layered, is proposed. Theoretical analysis indicates
that the network complexity scales squarely with the size of the circuit’s input n.
Keywords Hilbert image scrambling · Quantum circuit · Quantum computation ·
Quantum watermarking.
if you wanna use it for your papers, please cite it as follows :

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This implementation of the quantum image scrambling method works just for images with square dimensions. for example, n * n



MATLAB Release
MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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