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AM & FM modulation

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AM & FM modulation



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The attached files are implementation of AM and FM Modulation.

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ahmed hussein

Undefined command/function 'analoginput'
is it need a special library?
plz i need reply

Nabil al-hadawy

Thank you

osama zarour

thanks alot its, nice done;)

W Ashe

Requires the Data Acqusition Toolbox

ricardo astro

reza sadeghi

shishir nath

I need a AM,FM@PM matlab programm.please send me.of my request

ngo cuong


shabani kipindura

lisa blakes

abhijeet sinha

this really works....

vbc cvb


parham Zahabi

very good , thanks

guy sade

very well commented.

nalajala pratap

analoginput is not accepting wavesound
how to use this function

No winsound compatible device detected

renga vijay

o b

very basic

aman maheshwari

xtremely poor

white rose zohir

Mostafa Omar

although i couldn't make it work.
i used its functions in my own program and it worked fine

jose da Silva Filho

looking for more information about optical signal

hisham lashien

it is good

Siswo Wahyono

Tamer Taher

good work

Robert Peruzzi

??? Undefined command/function 'analoginput'.

Error in ==> Frequency_Modulation1 at 19
ai = analoginput ('winsound');

How does one provide the analoginput ('winsound')?

I'm using matlab 7.0.1 and Windows XP.


jong hyun kim


palidje syla

Israel Palaú

i couldn't make it work
does it need a special library?

murtaza khattak

I have not use it yet

kk ic

dsads dsadsa


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MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13SP1)

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