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xpc_display_logged_data is a GUI for quick display of logged data.



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>> xpc_display_logged_data is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which does help the xPC Target User to view logged data of a before executed xPC Target Application on a PC System.

Logging data must be enabled by setting a output Block and tout and yout logging checked on at the Simulaiton Properties under Diagnostics. For an example use the delivered Model >> xpcosc with the xPC Target Software installation. Generate Code (Ctrl+B), Download, execute it and open the >> xpc_display_logged_data GUI to be able to view the logged Signals (2) and zoom in.
Also possible from the GUI is the printing of the current axis content into a JPG-File.

This GUI is part of a "quick access tools" serie. Search on MATLAB central for XPC_COMMAND_CENTER to find another usefull Tool in conjunction with xPC Target. Or search for QUICK ACCESS TOOLS and you should find all posted Tools which allows easy and quick usage of some scripts and functions.

Enjoy and ThX for your Feedback!

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