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xpc_openwwwinterface is a function which automatically will open the WWW-Interface.



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>> xpc_openwwwinterface does scan the actual communication settings, TCP/IP or COM between the Host and the Target and will bring up the Windows Internet Explorer or installed Browser to view the WWW-Interface which is part of every xPC Target Application downloaded on a Target PC.
This easy to use WWW-Interface allow to start, stop, see a screenshot of the Target Screen and to save logged data.

This script allow the User testing a xPC Application to use the WWW-Interface in a quick and easy way.

This xPC Target Application is part of a collection of "quick access tools" serie. Search in MATLAB central for QUICK ACCESS TOOLS to view other usefull GUI's in conjunction to xPC Target. Like, newxpc, xpc_addblocks, etc.

Enjoy and ThX for your Feedback!

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