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Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Add-On

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Fuzzy Logic Toolbox Add-On



30 Nov 2004 (Updated )

Adds new utilities to Fuzzy Control System Toolbox interesting for Fuzzy Control Systems.

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File Information

These files are obsolete. If you wish a more recent version download its from

The methodology used for programing this utilities are described in the articles:
 * J.M. And?jar, A.J. Barrag?n, "A methodology to design stable nonlinear fuzzy control systems", Fuzzy Sets and Systems 154(2), volume 154, 157?181, September 2005.
 * J.M. And?jar, A.J. Barrag?n, M.E. Geg?ndez, "A general and formal methodology for designing stable nonlinear fuzzy control systems", IEEE_J_FUZZ 17(5), volume 17, 1081?1091, October 2009.

If you use this functions, you must give the original author credit.

All functions incorporated in this file used all membership functions included in MATLAB's Fuzzy Logic Toolbox. And they allows the compound of different membership functions in the same model.

Required Products Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 6.5 (R13)
Other requirements MEX file compiled for M.S. Windows.
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09 Apr 2016 J Oana

J Oana (view profile)


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09 Apr 2015 HUDA LUBBAD

13 Jul 2008 ray mike

very good

16 Apr 2008 Kader Shaikh

In both the example files, FIS is being used to define Plant as well as controller. Actually a plant should be descried by Transfer Function or State Model.

09 May 2007 Oscar Arias

05 Jun 2006 russi leiton


13 Apr 2006 salem salem

16 Feb 2006 Ilker Delice

Very well

12 Nov 2005 pappu natrajan


18 Mar 2005 An user An user

It's fine!

23 Feb 2005 par devi


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23 Feb 2005 par devi


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07 Dec 2004

* Help files updated and translated to english.
* Some bugs fixed.

07 Dec 2004

* Help files updated and translated to english.
* Some bugs fixed.

06 Nov 2009 1.1

Fixed some bugs.

07 Nov 2009 1.2

MEX files are not supported in MATLAB Filexchange, so I link the new location of this files

09 Nov 2009 1.3

Change the description.

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