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UWB Monocycle

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Displays the time waveform for the Gaussian pulse function.

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This m-file displays the time waveform for the Gaussian pulse function and the first and second derivatives of the Gaussian pulse function for a 0.5 nanosecond pulse width. Other values of pulse widths may be used by changing fs,t,t1. The program uses the actual first and second derivative equations for the Gaussian pulse waveforms. The first derivative is considered to be the monocycle or monopulse as discussed in most papers. The second derivative is the waveform generated from a dipole antenna used in a UWB system. Other information is contained in the file.

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Cam Ayub

Its very helpful , can you please send me detailed documentation, if possible ? [New York University]

sharif uddin


milad darvishi

Thank you .
This program is good for my startup at impulse radio project
thank you

Nukama Situm

It's just graphs and nothing more. Even derivative you didn't do by MATLAB.

Márk Horváth

sorry, my mistake, didn't look too well into the code.

Mark Horvath

AFAIK the Gaussian pulse is based on the Gaussian distribution and so should have
(-x^2/(2*sigma^2)) in the exponent instead of just (-x/2), if mean=0.

amira amira

very excellent

emy maghraby


emy maghraby


Sebastian Espinosa

Hiram Ramirez

Great It helped me to understand the principles of the uwb pulse



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