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DSSS system using integrate and dump for detection

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Simulate a DSSS system over an AWGN channel.

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DSSS over AWGN channel simulation.

Receiver is implemented by intergate and dump operation.

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eng_mt (view profile)

hello ...
plz it is very urgent
how to program reciver with integrator/dump??
plz i need it in my thesis
thank you,,,

micheal raja

Muhammad Rizwan

Hi, I want to know something if you can help.
I have spread the bits with walsh code then with PN code and added awgn noise to it. On receiving side when I multiplied this received signal with conjugate of PN code it was removed from bit .Now how can I remove the walsh function to gain actual original bits.



yo byc

yoo bgh


Josie Lee

It visualizes the spreading process that uses PN sequence

maha khan

plz anyone send me this code in its orignal format.....i m not getting it correctly

mack azizy

anwr abuhadi

anwr abuhadi

joanne gomes

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