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13 Dec 2004 (Updated )

Shortcut for web searching using Google's different search areas (images, groups, etc.).

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GOOGLE Searches in Google in different search areas (images, groups, etc.)
         text: User entered text to search for.
         search_area: If not specified, then the default is 'web'.
               Can be one of the following:
               'web': Searches the web.
               'images': Searches Google Images.
               'groups': Searches Google Groups.
               'news': Searches Google News.
               'froogle': Searches Froogle.
               'scholar': Searches Google Scholar.
               'catalogs': Searches Google Catalogs.
               if it starts with '+', then it will turn the option of (I'm
               Feeling Lucky!) on!
         param: Can be one of the following:
        Possible param/value options are:
            'pages' - search in pages of specific language. Can be:
                    'ar' Arabic
                    'bg' Bulgarian
                    'ca' Catalan
                    'zh-CN' Chinese (Simplified)
                    'zh-TW' Chinese (Traditional)
                    'hr' Croatian
                    'cs' Czech
                    'da' Danish
                    'nl' Dutch
                    'en' English
                    'et' Estonian
                    'fi' Finnish
                    'fr' French
                    'de' German
                    'el' Greek
                    'iw' Hebrew
                    'hu' Hungarian
                    'is' Icelandic
                    'id' Indonesian
                    'it' Italian
                    'ja' Japanese
                    'ko' Korean
                    'lv' Latvian
                    'lt' Lithuanian
                    'no' Norwegian
                    'pl' Polish
                    'pt' Portuguese
                    'ro' Romanian
                    'ru' Russian
                    'sr' Serbian
                    'sk' Slovak
                    'sl' Slovenian
                    'es' Spanish
                    'sv' Swedish
                    'tr' Turkish
            'lang' - google page language. Can be one of the above.
            'ext' - (country domain extension)
                    (ex, 'ae','us','uk','br','it','fr','mx','nl',... etc)
        google('Nasa Shuttle')
        google('Nasa Shuttle','News')
        google('free download','web')
        google('free download','+web')
        google('Nasa Shuttle','web','ext','AE')
        google('Nasa Shuttle','web','lang','fr')
        google('Nasa Shuttle','web','lang','fr','pages','fr','ext','FR')

MATLAB release MATLAB 7 (R14)
Other requirements Web Browser
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