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Dynamics of Some Classical System Models

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Animated response of some classical systems.



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The animated response of several classical system models is presented. Examples include a) large amplitude pendulum motion b) falling elastic cable c) forced response of a spring-mass-damper system d) vibrating string either released with initial deflection, or shaken at one end, or subjected to a moving load e) beam released with initial deflection f) vibration modes for an elliptic membrane and for a pin-connected truss g) forced wave propagation in rectangular or circular membranes. The analyses employ Runge-Kutta integration, Fourier expansions, and algebraic eigenvalue calculations presented in the book Advanced Mathematics and Mechanics Applications Using MATLAB, 3rd Ed., by Howard Wilson, Louis Turcotte, and David Halpern, CRC Press, 2003.
To see how to run the program, use the command 'type contents' in the workspace containing the program.

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Ashkan (view profile)

Hi folks,
I'm looking for a code to simulate the elastic wave propagation in an rod or plate or frame,...!
Would you please help me to find such a thing. my email is:

Ed Dcat

Thomas: Gravity is 32.2 ft/s² in standard units.

Thomas Bldr

I don't really understand the values of some constants though (example runchain, gravity = 32.2?), nor why the damping coefficient is devided by 40.
Very nice animations though!

hamed nozari

lee rock


rao bin

it is every nice

m d

Jor Done

Thanks a lot.

shafi rahman

tony dinardo

thank you for this early Christmas Present. Cant wait to take apart the mathematics. Very well done!



Some calls to Bessel function were updated for compatibility with current requirements on argument lists involving arrays

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