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This file does the PCM thing for any voice signal.

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This file converts the voice signal into PCM mode for transmission.

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this code is very perfect for a sine wave but this is not working for an Audio signal. can you please help me to find same for Audio signal

Peter Robert

The index of the matrix problem occurs because your file doesn't have 2*Fs = 16000 samples in it (<2 seconds). I noticed other problems as well, like the error is divided with the number of samples, and the read wav file isn't necessarily sampled with 8kHz.
Uploaded a fixed implementation based on this one. After it has been reviewed you should be able to find it on this site.

I have the same problem. I want to apply this code on a wav file but it produces a mistake, related with the index of the matrix in line 72.
Please help me to get a PCM code applied on the wav, I need this code my project at the end of study
thank you:)

Eng FA

Eng FA (view profile)


I wana help that how can i make a program for PCM on the matlab??

I did not know who can i start, i tried yours but nothing done
So can you please help me on that
Thank you :)

mrudula athi

i haev this same problem of index exceeding matrix dimension..plz suggest..

abas turki hamza


yu sun

Abel Valero

I have the same problem. when I change the .mp3 file for a .wav file it produces a mistake, related with the index of the matrix in line 72

ganesh ramasamy


qiguang miao

nicolas chavarriaga

i have a question, i have to coder a .WAV archive, but when i change the MP3 for .WAV, the matlab command window shows a mistake. why? , how can i run the M-FILE with a .wav archive.
Index exceeds matrix dimensions.
Error in ==> pcm at 72
samp_in(k) = m(k*Ts);

tank you

JInbo li

The sampling frequency is useless..

vasfi tuna

my project was about sound zipping and I found this excellent code on this page works and thanks to mathworks...

Stefan Bunov

Ali Hassan

a very efficient code and totaly correct
Thank you for your participating

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5.1 (R13SP1)

Inspired: PCM coding, modulacion pcm en matlab

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