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Pack/Unpack Logicals

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Compress large logical variables to one bit per element, instead of the usual 8.



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MATLAB (6.5 at least) stores logical variables in memory as 8 bits per element, even though only one bit is required. This means a 512x512x100 logical mask takes up 25 MB of memory. By compressing this mask the same amount of data takes only 3MB.

A limitation is that compressed logicals are stored in a struct array, and cannot be operated on in a meaningful way without unpacking them. I use this compression to store many large masks in memory, and then I unpack them when I am ready to use them.

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Hoang Hanh Luu Nguyen


Ryan White

Exactly what I needed. There is some overhead -- I was compressing a very large number of smaller logical arrays. Each one was 85 x85 and went from 7225 -> 1358 bytes.

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MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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