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MGCplus MEA-Reader V1.06

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Import MGCplus DAQ files into MATLAB.



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MGCplus is a multichannel DAQ system by HBM. Many transducers / sensors are supported. With MGCplus, measurement data can be stored on a PC card harddisk. The file formats are *.me* and *.sto. With the utilities, these files can be loaded into MATLAB. The import leads to structured variables. Channel names, time information, units, scaling information and much more is available. Only the 4-Byte-INT (Intel) format is supported. Supported Time formats are:

(a) no time information,
(b) MGCplus device time,
(c) NTP time information.

From large files with the m-file meacomp a compressed "activitiy"-information ca ne derived. With help of "ginput.m" and the m-file cp42cut.m the interesting part can be read in.

Changes 1.03 -> 1.04
(1) Now, all the sample rates, from the slowest to the fastest, are support. The ids assignment matrix "wrat" has been expanded in all matlab m-files like "cp42mea.m", "cp42cut.m", "meacomp.m", "cp42sto.m" Changes Version 1.02 -> 1.03
Now, also the status of the measurement signals is evaluated. When measurement data is transferred in 4 Byte Integer Format, the least significant byte contains the status bits like state of Limit Value switches, channel error and overflow. The status of each measurement sample is contained in a new field called "status".
The M-Files "CP42MEA.M" and "CP42CUT.M" can read this information.
The status information can be displayed now in the graph window together with the measurement signal by the use of the M-File "plotmea.m". With an additional scalar input, the positions and/or the value of the status is shown additionaly.
New File: meastatus.m
meastatus extracts the change of status of measurement values.

Comments and Ratings (3)

Robbie Mulzer

Hi, that's what i am looking for. The documentation is also good, especially the format description of the mea files. Do you have something for simulink ?
I will put a post on my MGCplus FAN BLOG (

Petar Markovic


Great, this enables me to use MGCplus for DAQ on PC card harddisk and analyzing the collected data with MatLab (without the need to buy expensive DAQ programs)


Wrong ZIP-File attached.

Bug in the matlab m-file cp42cut.m has been fixed.

New Version: Now, all the sample rates of MGCplus are supported !

New Version available:
Now, also the status of the measurement signals is evaluated. Measurement data in 4 Byte Integer Format contains also the status bits (state of Limit Value switches, channel error and overflow)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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