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Get Current Stateflow Object - gcsfo

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The function gcsfo returns all current (=selected) graphical stateflow objects.



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This is a very simple function to get all selected stateflow objects. Unfortunately it is not a Stateflow standard.

This function does not work with transitions going out off a state into a superstate if being in the superstate.Feel encouraged to improve this function.

Comments and Ratings (3)

Nidal Bazzi

I found this useful

Sven Probst

sfgco is available since R14SP3. When this file was uploaded (R14SP1) this function was not available. Therefore it is quite unfair to rate it as 'Poor'. Its functionality was so important the Mathworks added it as standard.
Maybe 'hello hello' could change the rating into 'General Comments'.
Nevertheless it is good to know, that sfgco now exists. As soon I have the time I will test it in the stateflow alignment tool - gcsfo is called there.
Are there people using a pre R14SP3 release of Stateflow ? If not, I could remove the file in a while.

hello hello

There is no need for it as Stateflow ships an equivalent function named


Please consider removing this entry. Thanks.

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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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