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Stateflow Alignment Tool

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Stateflowalign is a simple GUI to align and modify graphical stateflow objects.



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stateflow align implements three basic functions to align and modify graphical stateflow objects:

1. Align
All selected objects are aligned to the last object in the selection. Therefore at least two objects mustbe selected. Alignment is done to specific alignment lines. These are left, rigth, top, bottom,horizontal centre and vertical centre for rectangular graphical objects and the centre of junctions.

2. Copy Size
The size of the last selected objectis copied to all other selected objects. This function works only on rectangular objects.

3. Distance
Bring the selected objects to a specified distance relating to their bounds in x or y direction. In the auto mode the direction of the higher misalignment is used. In non cascaded submode the last selected object is the reference. In cascaded submode the n-th object is the reference of the (n-1)th object. The process starts with the last selected element as first reference.

1. To select multiple objects hold down the shift key while mouse clicking the objets.

2. Transitions should not be selected since they loose their connection.

3. There is NO UNDO possibility because the stateflow API is unsed. Save the file before using this tool!!

4. You have to download gcsfo (get current stateflow object) - another stateflow utility.

Comments and Ratings (2)

Thierry Dalon

The idea of a stateflow alignment tool is good. Thanks for sharing this. I would update a version without dependence to gcfso (use ML standard sfgco) and put all subfunctions in main GUI file.
If you want to use the subfunctions, it would be nice if renamed to sf_cs and sf_al for example.
Else functionality seems to work good.

Thierry Dalon

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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