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UWB channel model

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Implementation of the IEEE 802.15.3a UWB channel model.

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The IEEE Multipath Channel block simulates an indoor UWB channel as described in "A Channel Model for Ultrawideband Indoor Communications" by J.R. Foerster, M. Pendergrass and A.F. Molisch, November 2003, and attempts to incorporate the processes used in their MATLAB scripts.

The discrete input is convolved with a realization of the channel impulse response. This response can be one of 4 types (CM1, CM2, CM3 or CM4) described in the paper or a custom channel with user-defined parameters. Response terms that extend beyond one symbol period (ISI) are added to the output for the next symbol period.

Sample time is the rate at which the discrete signal is processed through the channel. It represents the time resolution of the channel and is entered in nsec. The symbol period is the time period of each data symbol and is entered as an integral number of sample times. For example, enter
Sample Time: 0.02
Symbol Period: 100
for a signal with a symbol period of 2 nsec. and a sampling period of 20 psec. Symbols per fade refers to the number of symbol periods over which the channel does not change.

Channel choices are
CM1 IEEE line of sight, < 4m
CM2 IEEE non-line of sight, < 4m
CM3 IEEE non-line of sight, 4-10m
CM4 IEEE strong dispersion, delay spread of 25 nsec.
custom define parameters manually

Created by Tim Becker, MSEE student at San Jose State University. November 2004.

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Nancy Jia

Useful. does it still work for 0.1m between RX/TX?

seyran khademi

Hi, I don't know how to get the channel coefficients vector?

Ahmed azzouz

very useful


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Tang Shuiyi

azir kurniawan

ibraheem Murdas

content good

trong dat

content very good

mina dashti

nadine salameh

je pense que le programe manque quelque chose

tan teddy

Good file

vinod vinod

neds more info with respect to modulation

Martha Suarez

pietro giannini

allan ndigirigi

Diego Hernandez

Hi im doing my final proyect of a UWB model and i need information about channel and single band model, maybe u can share some.
Thank and excelent job

Babak Karbasi

I have a DS-UWB simulation which was written completely in m-file, I can't use your model in my simulation instead of three paths channel model which I proposed in my simulation.

Y Zhou

Yong Ding

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