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With the M-File catman_read binary catman DAQ files can be read in directly.

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After execution of the M-File catman_read, the content of binary catman DAQ files are available in MATLAB. Two structured variables (one with global content, one with DAQ data) are delivered by the M-File.

Catman Online Data files are not supported.

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Function seems to be working with the additions made by Daniel. There is a minor bug though concerning the formula information which is retrieved but then disregarded.

When lines 183-185 are changed to the following the formula is also saved to the channel information:

if Lf>0,
formula = setstr(fread(fid[1,Lf],'char'));
chaninfo.formula = formula(3:end); % Remove @@ for convenience
chaninfo.formula = '';

Peter Niebuhr

Working nicely for me, too with Daniel's mod. Thanks a lot!
catmanEasy/AP version=

Philip Pavey

Another confirmation Daniel's fix below works successfully.

CatmanEasy Version


Kim (view profile)

Daniel's patch seems to work correctly for a file I've just received.

Without it headers decoded correctly but data is clearly incorrect.

As of version 3.2.1, Catman can export data to mat files. I don't know if Catman File Importer with the above fix works for versions above 3.1.11.

I am using Catman Easy 3.1.11 and this importer DOES work for new versions, but you need to make the following modifications to catman_read.m:

Change line 88:
dataoffset=fread(fid,1,'long'); % Offset in Byte from start of file for Data Area
Add line 195:
fseek(fid,a1.dataoffset,'bof'); % Jump file pointer to data area

I can't test it with data files from older versions of Catman, so can anyone verify that it works? I've contacted HMB and asked them to check as well. The author's email address at HBM appears to no longer be active.


Edwin (view profile)

As per version of Catman easy 3.1.1 the internal Catman data format is changed. This has not yet been reflected in a new version of catman_read


Edwin (view profile)

I have worked with the old version for a long time. It works flawlessly up untill now. After an upgrade of Catman easy the catman_read function delivers incorrect data. An upgrade of the function as per 26 April 2010 does not function because the zip file contains the old catman_read function dated at 4/22/2005. Should there not be a new version of the catman_read function?

Jakab Gábor

just works. great!

gautam jain

makes it real easy to read catman files; real sweet!



Reads the content of a catman (prof. or easy) measurement file, which will be contained in a structure

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MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

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