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Selecting multiple files

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Allows the user to open multiple files.



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Just copy this dll to the directory where you are currently working.

Just type this command:

[File,Path] = uigetfiles('*.mdl','<Any text>');

and you will notice that you can open any number of .mdl files or any filetype depending on the filter that you have set. This command is similar to uigetfile but that command encounters a problem when reading more approximately more than 45 files.

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Enhua Zhou

The filter doesn't seem to work as well as uigetfile, explains the 3 star. Here is the command I wrote, [a,b]=uigetfiles('*ab.txt','pick multiple files'). All the txt files were displayed. Is there anything I can do to get that filter working?

Thierry Dalon

The 45 files limitation bug was corrected in ML release 2007b. See
You can use uigetfile with option 'MultiSelect', 'on' to select multiple files.

tonino fernandez

it is nice and so helpful

Unai Cornes

Now I know how to.

clear([path 'uigetfiles.dll'])
delete(path 'uigetfiles.dll'])

Unai Cornes

I found that this dll gets stuck to Matlab and could not cut&paste (movefile) to other folder until Matlab is closed.
¿What could be the reason for this?

Unai Cornes

¿How could I order the files automatically by date?

Sébastien Pellevrault

The same control used by windows to open files.

Thet Maung Aye

Brianne Williams

priya xavier

Sam Sharief

Juan VC

It's amazing! Thanks a lot.

simon j

fantastic - your the best

Filipe Magalhães

oleg kruglov

Thank you very much

Saito Hajime

Well, what can I say this code is great...

Soujiro Setta

At last, a code that allows the user to open multiple files. Cool

Shishio Makoto

This piece of code is great. Thanks a lot

Anakin Skywlaker

Great and works very well with windows API

Aoshi Shinamori

This dll is slashingly cool. Exactly what I need.

Blade Trinity

This program is very nice.
Applicable for general use.

Gaylord Focker

This dll is great. It gives me an opportunity to open multiple files.

Elektra Natchios

Awesome!!! Cool!!

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