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Filtering with intensity dependent filter kernel.

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GEN_SUSAN - Generalized SUSAN 2-D filtering SUSAN filtering with filter kernel W scaled with generalized Gaussian of intensity difference. Different prefiltering functions can be selected as well as width and exponent of the intensity scaling. GEN_SUSAN can produce filtering with caracteristics similar to wiener2 and medfilt2 and "everything inbetween"

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azzouzi fa


Hamid Sarve

Dear Björn

Thank you for the implementation.

I believe there is a bug in the line 81, should be
I_internal = I([ones(1,ceil((regsize(1)-1)/2)) 1:end size(I,1)*ones(1,(regsize(1)-1)/2)],...
[ones(1,ceil((regsize(2)-1)/2)) 1:end size(I,2)*ones(1,(regsize(2)-1)/2)]);

Hamid Sarve

Zhou zhou

thank you

ocean lzq


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