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Bluetooth Hop Selection Scheme

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Simulink model of bluetooth hop selection scheme.



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A The simulation shows how the frequency hopping occur in bluetooth 79-hop system connection state (according to BLUETOOTH SPECIFICATION Version 1.1).

using the control signals (device address, clock). The simulink shows the effect of changing both the device address and clock phase on the output frequency hopping sequence.

Instructions: see the .doc file for full description of the simulink.

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Ashwini (view profile)

To open the modal, remove the space between the words in the name of modal. (i.e,. make it blutooth_hopping)

Kamran K

The doc file for the implementation is look good. There is problem with the mdl file here. It is not opening in any Matlab/Simulink version. I think upload the one that opens on the Matlab version 7.1/R2007b

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