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Block TLC beginners guide

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Tutorial on writting block TLC



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Writting TLC files for RTW is one of the most confusing things i have come across. It is difficult not due to lack of information but due to absence of a step by step guide having onlly those details that are need. Its hard to find a pearl in an ocean. I am just a beginner. I have compiled the information i gathered into a document.I have posted few other documents on TLC please go through it also.

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Kidus Guye

Where can I get the file? Could you send me the link for the file?


Thank you for the explanation

Sindhu G

liu lei


Kamil (view profile)

First I want to thank you, this paper gives me a good overview about TLC files. Now im trying to run your wkvector, but the vc++ compiler isnt able to compile it :( have you some Idea?


Excellent, I understand what are TLC files used for now and like you said, there isn't a lot of info about this on the internet. However, I'm still in the dark, because I'm trying to compile level-2 matlab S-function and I would like to know if you know how to do a TLC for such file.


Thanks a lot

kinstar yao

I want to learn how to write the tlc file,and this paper gives me much help!



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