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Bluetooth modulation and frequency hopping

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Bluetooth modulation and frequency hopping



10 Sep 2001 (Updated )

Bluetooth modulation and frequency hopping

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Simulink® model of a simple Bluetooth® wireless data link. Includes error correction, GFSK modulation, frequency hopping and a 100MHz channel.
NOTE: A version of this model which works with the current release of MATLAB® and Simulink® is shipped with the Communications Blockset™.

See also:
1) 'Bluetooth Full Duplex Voice and Data Transmission' -

2) 'Bluetooth Voice Transmission' -

Required Products Communications Blockset
Communications System Toolbox
DSP System Toolbox
Signal Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)
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Comments and Ratings (28)
03 Jun 2016 chirag prajapat

good work .. can you add input from keyboard instead of binary input and encryption and decryption with output display . this will be great

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04 Jun 2013 Ganesh Reddy

14 Mar 2012 Brian Munoz

me interesa , la simulación de la version 2.0 + EDR la cual corresponde a modulaciiones pi/4 PSK y 8 DPSK, si alguien a obtenido las curvas de BER vs EbNo para estas modulaciones, se lo agradeceria.

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19 May 2011 Andy

Andy (view profile)

I'm looking to simulate with the modulation types specified in Bluetooth 2.0, which are 4 and 8-ary PSK. Has anybody seen updated models to accommodate the more recent standard?

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26 Apr 2011 Lucas Alves da Silva

I was wondering if this model takes all the 80 Bluetooth channels into account or just 79, since the M-ary FSK [de]modulator is set by default at 79 (at least in my downloaded model). Also, wouldn't it be more appropriate to use bigger value for the second randint argument, since 100 may not be enough to spread over all the channels? I'm using 99999. Thanks a lot for the model, it is quite useful !!

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04 Feb 2010 Dhanuka Abeysekera

In above bluetooth simulation How to analyze the signal levels in different differnt levels ( example signal between Bernouli Binary generator cyclic encoder ) . I am used scope to analyze siganl levels but it gives differnet ....differnt errors .....

If any one know how to do this pls send me a mail as soon as possiable ...

E-mail :

Thank you.

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21 Apr 2009 Pendli

Pendli (view profile)

Is it possible to calculate BER vs SNR with this model. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
please mail me to


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21 Mar 2008 sunil walanju

this is very useful.

18 Nov 2006 riama idauli

11 Oct 2006 Haining Fan

17 Jan 2006 rohin rahul

I was wondering if i could use the same program, but instead of bluetooth modulation, erform BPSK. I require frequency hopping though.

12 Dec 2005 Ali Al-Shehhi

28 Sep 2005 Evan Zen

That's great ,But,How could I import this Model to Matlab/simulink function ??

because I can't open this model into the program

please tell me about this more detail information!! thanks!

30 Mar 2005 andrea lustig


30 Mar 2005 anrea lustig

08 Aug 2004 zhang zhigao


08 May 2004 ezre rezrez


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16 Feb 2004 jordan conus

802.11b = bluetooth

04 Feb 2004 heliodoro mundlovo

06 Dec 2003 ELIA SAM

For education purposes

21 Apr 2003 Sosa Florin

I am interested in 2 problems with thismdl:
1)How can I modify the sample time for the bernoulli data source(let's say 1/50/384)because a lot of errors occurs when I do this
(and I tried in many way)
2)How can I implement multiple users but their hops to not get interference(an idea at least please)

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04 Apr 2003 Shivakumar Araballi

05 Feb 2003 Jerzy Gremba

29 Jan 2003 sami A. Mostafa

17 Aug 2002 Brett Mason

Really great tool! I really recommend using this if your working in this area!

16 Aug 2002 Bradley

Very Good.
There is a need to look at power consumption however.

05 Aug 2002 Sri Viswanathan

Great!!Very useful!!

21 May 2002 Ergang Zhu

17 Oct 2001

Updated screeenshot.

31 Oct 2001

Added mention of other 'Bluetooth Voice Transmission' model on MATLAB Central.

04 Sep 2002

Mentioned other Bluetooth models:

20 Dec 2004

Updated to R14. Still contains R12.1 Verion.

20 Jul 2009 1.1

Added trademarks.

22 Jul 2009 1.3

Fixed links.

29 Jul 2009 1.4

Added trademarks.

04 Aug 2009 1.6

Copyright work.

04 Aug 2009 1.7


01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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