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Adds text labels a, b, c,... to subplots.



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When publishing a paper, you need to label your subplots with "a)", "b)", etc in the upper left corner. This routine does it for you with no fuss or muss.

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Marcelø Zeri

Works great. In the example given, you need to correct the index for the second subplot and the argument for the second plot command.

% >> haxes(1) = subplot(2,1,1);
% >> plot(1:10);
% >> haxes(2) = subplot(2,1,1);
% >> plot(1::2:20);
% >> htext=sublabel(haxes);

hugo ferreira


Fixed indentation

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.5 (R13)

Inspired: Colour based segmentation

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