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Newmark's Direct Integration Method

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Newmark's Direct Integration Method



02 Apr 2005 (Updated )

Integrate a 1-DOF system using Newmark's Direct Integration Method.

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Integrate a 1-DOF system using Newmark's Direct Integration Method. Calculate the system response for an externally applied load and variable system parameters. Even let's you change the integration method by altering Newmark's Coefficients. Uses in: Structural Engineering.

NOTE: if you have an accelerogram for input, you must use p(t) = -m*a(t)

MATLAB release MATLAB 5.2 (R10)
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20 Mar 2014 Lucy

Lucy (view profile)


20 Jul 2013 sharad ghodke  
13 Dec 2012 monte_cristo

Hi I tried to use your code i have a question is your Newmark beta method a nonlinear solver?

20 Nov 2012 chen jacky  
06 Jan 2011 Johan

Johan (view profile)

Works well, thanks for sharing this! Also great that it contains enough comments to be understandable for others.

One little error is present in the file:
Line 56: 'u2dot = u;' contains a typo, therefore the u2dot isn't pre-allocated.

11 Dec 2010 Emek

Emek (view profile)

Dear Jose Antonio Abell Mena,
I download your Newmark Direct Integration file. I want to use that but how can i do that, i don't know? I have acceleration-time history. And i want displacement and velocity graphs. I'm new on matlab. Please help me. Thanks

28 Feb 2008 Leblouba Moussa

Thank you, a great help.

24 Nov 2007 Asghar Amiri  
27 Jul 2007 leon hung  
26 Apr 2007 cherif betehi  
21 Nov 2006 Ban Nguyen Van

Useful function

16 Mar 2006 hai tran thanh


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24 Oct 2005 Li Fang

very good!

03 May 2005 hamza bensekirifa

I need a newmark integration program in matlab

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