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BPSK and ASK Simulation

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This m file analyzes a coherent BPSK and ASK communication system.

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This m file analyzes a coherent binary phase shift keyed(BPSK) and a amplitude shift keyed(ASK) communication system. The receiver uses a correlator(mixer-integrator[LPF]) configuration with BER measurements comparing measured and theoretical results. The bandpass and low pass used in the receiver are constructed using z transforms.

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aymen (view profile)



Jim (view profile)

Thanks for the submission.
Please change "Hz(Hz==0)=10^(8);" to "Hz(Hz==0)=10^(-8);" and "figure;" to "figure(2);".

Ronald Angel


eswari sivakoti

can u tel me the matlab code for simulation of non coherent ask and bpsk in AWGN channel

eswari sivakoti

Nuri Misbah

Pls tell me abt modulation of PSK simulated by MATLAB

inderjeet kaur

pls tell me abt modulation of QAM

moh farah

thanks thats what i need

rina herviana

BPSK simulation for my final study



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