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One dimensional finite-difference time-domain EM code.



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A simple one-dimensional finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) electromagnetic routine that allows the user to specify arbitrary permittivity, permeability and conductivity profiles. Useful for helping students to visualize reflection, transmission, wave velocity and impedance concepts. Will also show WKB approximation.

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Han-Wei Hsiao

Tao Yi Lee

Here's another example of matlab script demonstrating FDTD in 1D

Luke Rumbaugh

Great code, thanks. Reference H. Loui's well-documented 1D FDTD Yee implementation; you can get it by searching "1d fdtd yee" ... it's the first hit as of today.


Rahul (view profile)

good but what is shows in y axis.

tahar belkacem fayçal

Tahar Ziani

3d radiation if antenna using FDTD

xzcvxc dfsfa

can you please help me for writing fdtd code in 2d for EM waves.I m having difficulty with Absorbing boundary conditions and amplitude of the field goes on incresing after some iterations

tahar ziani

2d progamming using matlab

Weiju Zhao

Thank you very much for sharing this document.

araz mahdad

A. benadem

Kevin McCann

A very nice and straightforward example. Some references would be a nice addition for the students.

Felix Vega

It´s a very good FDTD introductory example.

Edson Santos

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MATLAB 5.3 (R11)

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