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IS-95A CDMA Power Control

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IS-95A CDMA Power Control

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Simulink® and Stateflow® model of IS-95A CDMA reverse traffic channel power control. Includes reverse traffic channel physical layer, together with open and closed loop algorithms for base station and mobile implemented as state machines with Stateflow.

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Tim Blake

Thank you Stuart. I will look into it.

When the CDMA blockset was rolled into the Communications System toolset, any idea why it wasn't made easier to upgrade preexisting models? Upgrade Advisor doesn't even help even though mathworks claims that the CDMA blockset capabilities were included in Communications System Toolbox.

That move singlehandedly sandboxed a lot of people into sticking with old versions of Matlab including myself. I am currently rolling back to R2006.

Stuart McGarrity

Sorry, but I think it would be a lot of work to re-build this model in the current Communication Systems Toolbox without the CMDA Reference Blockset, that's assuming its important to implement the physical layer fully. Perhaps you could build a lower-fidelity physical layer without the spreading. Our consultancy services may also be one option (

Tim Blake

I know this is old but I am very interested in resurrecting this file. I am running into an issue with the CDMAlib being EOL after R2006 so now must redesign this file for use with the new Communications System Toolbox rather than the CDMA Blockset (cdmalib) which has broken many of the Simulink boxes in this file.

Any suggestions?

Waqar Ahmad

Wilyam Torres

very good

kh518 kh210


di long

There is an error during the runing.
Warning: Unable to open model file 'dspbdsp.mdl'.
I can't find the file 'dspbdsp.mdl'.

nsk nskyzier


Nhat Tran

It's very useful


hamed hasani

Dhanumjay Muppalla

It will be very useful if the code is also included & explained


That's beatiful stuff

sanjeev gupta

good hope too be continued more

Mayank Aswal

I am not able to run this model in MATLAB 7.0.4. The error is:

some error in dspbdsp/Sync Delay2 Block

Can you look into this.

Lalit Varshney

I got some problem in this simulation. please solve this, and send me on the E-mail.


Cannot be opened with V 14

mahesh gowd

its nice

yasser mohammed

hi after downloading this matlab file i found an error but i can't solve it anyone can help me (

OuYang Ren Xue

multi user and multi cell better

Hatem Zakaria

Really this simmulation is very interesting and helful in master researches but didn't you try to see the effect of other mobile user interference to the selected one as it's the siginficant factor in CDMA.

Nikola Josipovic


sarada dakua

Good,Plz allow to download to everybody.

peyman ra


as you

Shahzad Sarwar


hoang nguyen

IS-95A cdma power control

Huy Nguyen

c.t. yeh



Maksud Ullah Chowdhury

amer ali

thank you so much


the used is for training in master degree
simulation power control

Zengjie Zhang


Sosa Florin

aplicatie interesanta

Sirirat Kongdee

erbai ali

merci pour ce service ya abdelrahman

abdelrahman nader

this 4u


Updated license


Trademark work.


Removed article pdf.

Updated screeenshot.

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