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Plot 2D/3D Vector with Arrow

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This function plots a line vector with arrow head.

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Arrowline 3-D vector plot.

vectarrow(p0,p1) plots a line vector with arrow pointing from point p0 to point p1. The function can plot both 2D and 3D vector with arrow depending on the dimension of the input

     For 3D vector
       p0 = [1 2 3];
       p1 = [4 5 6];

     For 2D vector
       p0 = [1 2];
       p1 = [4 5];

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Thuong Nguyen

Zhi Feng

Output: "Undefined function or variable"

Shaozheng Ji

Diego Quiroga

useful :)

Justin Chu

Jianchao Li


Expect the LineWidth options
Great Job


Chou (view profile)

A great function!

Chad Furey


icarli (view profile)


wong (view profile)


Ken (view profile)


Pablo (view profile)


Pratul (view profile)

@ Neha Singhal:
Download the function file on top right corner and then run the code.

Neha Singhal

I tried used the function vectarrow as suggested here, but I am getting an error message saying:

??? Undefined function or method 'vectarrow' for input arguments of type 'double'.

Pls help....


Floris (view profile)

Without shooting down your good intentions, I always use quiver3 and I'm satisfied with that.

-- Use quiver3 --


S (view profile)


vectarrow has several disadvantages.

Gautam Sethi

This is life saver! I was looking for something simple like this; surprisingly, MATLAB doesn't have a built in function that does the job. Thank you for creating this function!

Mehmet Ozerdem

p lks

thong kieu

Adam Ufford

yehua wei

very goog,thanks

d s

The matlab built in functions quiver / quiver3 achieve the same thing plus more, e.g. plotting multiple vectors

Cai Cai

Super! that is what i was searching for.

stef Keh

fgfg gdsfgdfg

LC Nguyen

Thank you very much for sharing

s p


Dayu Lv

Great work, thanks

q q

Audrey Fan

:D you rock my world.

Mary Amon

I love you Rentian!!! Whoo!

Elane Phoenix

Superb. Exactly what I was looking for.

Cornelius Steinhardt

Asif Sheikh

sang jun

Levent K

thank you. It helps to me.


Thanks a lot !!!!!!

Ronny Meza

Anhe Le


Justin Maneely

did a kick ass job for plotting space cones for my orbital mechanics class

J. Willard Gibbs

Not very useful unless you can plot multiple vectors. The function does not cycle through plot colors, so each call plots the vector the same color, which gets hard to tell what is going on.

Easy fix-up: allow an optional color token in the pass variable list.

Charles Warren

2-d version works poorly when length of vector in x and y are much different, the arrowhead gets distorted.

Rentian Xiong

Oh, sorry for my ignorance. I did not search for those functions. I wrote this one simply because someone asked for help on matlab central.

Jérôme MyLastName

Waht is the difference between your file and those already posted in the File Exchange, especially arrow.m ?

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