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Hydraulic-Electric (EMB) Hybrid Vehicle

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Physical system model of a hydraulic-electric energy storage device for hybrid automotive ...

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The Electro-Mechanical Battery (EMB) has been proposed as an alternative for hydraulic storage on midsize hybrid passenger vehicles. A multi-domain physical system model of an EMB-based hybrid vehicle has been developed using Simulink, SimPowerSystems, and SimDriveline. This model has been used to gather some initial simulation results of the EMB charge/discharge cycles and its behavior in a drive cycle. This solution could be applicable to hybrid designs, if it can be proven that the assumed high performance components can be produced, and that they have properties similar to the assumptions that have been made.
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it is amazing that after donwloaded the files, in 1 minute application was running :-)
How far did the research of EMB? or it was delayed or cancelled?

michael schumaker

maa khuchon tumhaari maa ki maari chut te phada usda bhosda aur maari uski gaand bhainchod ke pillon saalo maadarchodon kya ye saale fudu banate hai .

Yunpeng Cao

mohamed labib


Ahmet Yilmaz

Not working .. some files are missing...


Tushar Khanzode

Not working


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Updated copyright statement for BSD license.

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