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mklib: a pedestrian function library loader generator

version 1.0 (13.3 KB) by

creates a function library loader from a list of m-files (possibly with subfunctions)



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MKLIB takes one or more list(s) of valid M-files and automatically creates a library loader function (M-file), which returns a structure of function handles to all the subfunctions found in those M-files

the structure's field names are set to the name of the subfunctions

this allows a user to directly access individual subfunctions from the parent M-file(s)

note the library does NOT have to be in the ML path after the handles are assigned!

see the accompanying published M-file for an example and look at
help mklib
for more information on handling of nested functions and possible duplicates

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cool function but got the following error on Matlab R2015a

Error using cell/strmatch (line 19)
Requires character array or cell array of strings as inputs.

Error in mklib (line 252)


thanks to DR PER ISAKSSON, a most tedious omission was corrected; also, please note that MKLIB does(!) require r14.sp2 or higher to run due to some automatic typecasting issues within cells! current ver tag is 29-Jun-2005 19:42:59

mklib now takes one or more list(s) of functions, which are merged into the library loader
unfortunately, this required a change in syntax (sorry for this!)
ver tag is 14-Jun-2005 13:57:19

a superfluous duplicate in the loader's help section was removed; ver tag 10-May-2005 18:42:13

added listing of nested functions; engine now uses an undocumented mlint-feature and will not create a temp file anymore; ver tag 06-May-2005 14:46:16

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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