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2D Plotting with Mapping Toolbox

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This function plots a 2D Surface (shading interp, no white edges).



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Assume you have 2D dataset (defined by latitude and longitude) and you would like to use the mapping toolbox to produce a nice scientific plot for publications. Due to a small bug you will end up with white edges on the plotframe. Furthermore the resolution is also not suited for publications.

The function splot1(map,maplegend) will do the job.
Input1=map; [nxm] Matrix
Input2=maplegend; (see Mapping Toolbox for further help regarding maplegend).
If wanted the figure will be saved in 'matlabroot\work\figures'. The format used is png and looks nice and sharp in Microsoft Word.

Thanks to Sebastian Schaefer from Mathworks Support.

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Caglayan Balkaya

Could you place a sample in it?

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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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