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Numerical Integration GUI

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A GUI for plotting and evaluating the integral of statistical and f(x) functions.

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This GUI can be used by entering 'nu' at the MATLAB command prompt. The user can either select a function (f(x)) of their choice or a statistical distribution probability distribution function to plot over a user defined range. The function's integral can be evaluated over a user defined range by using: The composite trapezium, simpsons and gauss-legendre rules. This is useful for calculating accurate probabilities that one might see in statistical tables.

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Jorge (view profile)

doesn't run :/

Nimra Hussain

sir i want to know that how one can plot region of integration using matlab??me browsing the internet since last two days but i haven't find any satisfactory material....please sir help me....

john aly

thank you

Muhammad Tauha Ali

bai bellbai

Thank you .I found it long time.

zm o

Ashesh C. B.

A very good routine to plot the functions being integrated and a simple interface to work with.

jose monje

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