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hex2num for single.

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Converts an up to 8 character string being the IEEE 754 reprensentation of a single precision float to a double.

singlehex2num is hex2num for single presicion IEEE 754 representations.

singlehex2num was derived from hexsingle2num with bugfix for denormalized numbers (Exponent changed from -1022 to -126).

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Gernot Druml

This was very helpful to me. Thanks

good job!!!

Paul Kassebaum

Paul Kassebaum (view profile)

This was extremely helpful to me :)

Ryan Gamble

Great function! Saved me a couple hours of coding.


GOOD job!

shlomi israel

simply work good and the documentation is helpful

per isakson

Nice code, fast and does the job.

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Inspired by: hexsingle2num

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