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Gaussian Bell

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Creates a 2 dimensional gaussian distribution.

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This is a small program that creates a normalized 2-dimensional normal distribution, also known as a gaussian bell. The user has the options to decide the center of the distribution, the standard deviation, the size of the output matrix, and the area over which to create the distribution.

I did not yet include the option to have different sigmas for the x- and y- axis, feel free to add it if you need.

There might be some bugs in the code, but for the purpose I have used it it works fine. Pls let me know if there is anything not working properly, and I'll correct it.

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F.M. Yeh

m enev

well done, it would be nice to see a few code samples in the comments

mesh(gbell([40 40], [-10 20 0 10], [5 5], 2))



xiaole bai

works well

l x

The function "normpdf" is missing.

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