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Visual Timing Report for Distributed Tasks

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Create a visual representation of when and where each task in a distributed computing job executes.



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PLOTTASKS creates a visual representation of the tasks which comprise a job in the Distributed Computing toolbox. It shows when tasks started and finished and on which worker machine they ran. With no arguments, PLOTTASKS uses the first available job manager it can find and the last finished job in the job manager's list. With one output argument, a handle to the newly created figure is returned. Each worker in the cluster must have a unique name for the display to be correct.
PLOTTASKS(JOBMANAGER) uses the job manger whose name is JOBMANAGER.
PLOTTASKS(JOBMANAGER,JOB) finds and uses the job whose name is JOB in JOBMANAGER.

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David Zimmerman

Great complement to dctool.


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MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14SP1)

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