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M-file simulates a QPSK transmitter.

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M-file for simulating a QPSK transmitter by modulating with a pseudo random bit stream. A serial to parallel conversion of the pseudo random bit stream is performed with mapping of two bits per symbol. A cosine and sine carrier is configured and the I and Q symbols modulate these carriers. The I and Q carriers are combined and time and frequency domain plots are provided showing key waveforms at various positions in the QPSK transmitter.

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Asif Mehmood

ruby ruby

je suis étudiente en techniques de communication

kavita s

sue sue


Asma abid

Ajaya kumar

mui lim tan

John Nash

It is indeed do me a favor.

zad jim

Shashanka Narasimha

This report is quite helpful and the author has communicated the concept very nicely!!!

richard nixon cruzado bustamante

hola para todos udtedes,ablo el español pues ingles muy poco me gustaria formar parte de los forums que se dan en internet de temas de matlab que en mi carrera profesional lo utilizamos bastante, en estos momentos estoy haciendo un proyecto usando el matlab para una modulacion QPSK, transmitir datso entre maquinas de forma inalambrica usando una modulacion QPSK gracias por dejarme ser parte de ustedes

shin kyushik


Rohan Patel

jiquan lee

ahmed alfadni

alain putain



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