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13 Jun 2005 (Updated )

Geometry library for matlab. Performs geometric computations on points, lines, circles, polygons...

function rays2d(varargin)
%RAYS2D  Description of functions operating on planar rays
%   A ray is defined by a point (its origin), and a vector (its
%   direction). The different parameters are bundled into a row vector:
%   RAY = [x0 y0 dx dy];
%   The ray contains all the points (x,y) such that:
%   x = x0 + t*dx
%   y = y0 + t*dy;
%   for all t>0
%   Contrary to a (straight) line, the points located before the origin do
%   not belong to the ray.
%   However, as rays and lines have the same representation, some functions
%   working on lines are also working on rays (like 'transformLine').
%   See also:
%   points2d, vectors2d, lines2d
%   createRay, bisector, isPointOnRay
%   clipRay, drawRay
% ------
% Author: David Legland
% e-mail:
% Created: 2008-10-13,    using Matlab (R2007a)
% Copyright 2008 INRA - BIA PV Nantes - MIAJ Jouy-en-Josas.


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