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13 Jun 2005 (Updated )

Geometry library for matlab. Performs geometric computations on points, lines, circles, polygons...

projPointOnPolygon(point, poly, varargin)
function varargout = projPointOnPolygon(point, poly, varargin)
%PROJPOINTONPOLYGON  Compute position of a point projected on a polygon
%   POS = projPointOnPolygon(POINT, POLYGON)
%   Compute the position of the orthogonal projection of a point on a
%   polygon.
%   POINT is a 1x2 row vector containing point coordinates
%   POLYGON is a Nx2 array containing coordinates of polygon vertices
%   When POINT is an array of points, returns a column vector with as many
%   rows as the number of points. 
%   [POS DIST] = projPointOnPolygon(...)
%   Also returns the distance between POINT and POLYGON. The distance is
%   negative if the point is located inside of the polygon.
%   Example
%   projPointOnPolygon
%   See also
%   points2d, polygons2d, polygonPoint
%   distancePointpolygon, projPointOnPolyline
% ------
% Author: David Legland
% e-mail:
% Created: 2009-04-30,    using Matlab (R2008b)
% Copyright 2009 INRA - Cepia Software Platform.

% eventually copy first point at the end to ensure closed polygon
if sum(poly(end, :)==poly(1,:))~=2
    poly = [poly; poly(1,:)];

% compute position wrt outline
[pos minDist] = projPointOnPolyline(point, poly);

% process output arguments
if nargout<=1
    varargout{1} = pos;
elseif nargout==2
    varargout{1} = pos;
    if inpolygon(point(:,1), point(:,2), poly(:,1), poly(:,2))
        minDist = -minDist;
    varargout{2} = minDist;

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