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A program tool for analysis and synthesis of nonlinear control systems based on MATLAB/Simulink 5.2

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The main objective of the tool is to provide better program support for design and simulation of nonlinear control systems in MATLAB/Simulink environment. It is encapsulated as a Simulink library, although besides function blocks designed for Simulink it also contains some applications designed directly for MATLAB and ready-made demo-simulations composed of the function blocks.

The NelinSys tool can help you with:
* phase plane analysis of nonlinear control systems
* analysis of limit cycles via harmonic balance (two-characteristics method)
* exact linearization control design and simulation
* gain scheduling control design and simulation

The NelinSys tool takes advantage of:
* MATLAB 5.2
* Simulink 2.2
* Symbolic Math Toolbox
* collaboration of above tools

The NelinSys tool might be useful in:
* education: various university courses on nonlinear control
* research: software for computer aided control design
* applications: everywhere where nonlinear control is employed

More information is available at along with newer versions of the tool.

Comments and Ratings (14)

wajdi saad

Naveen Kumar

I need NONLINEAR MIMO control system alone.I don't know how to give the inputs to the MIMO.

Naveen Kumar



Exellent work!!


a k

thanks for giving

Ricardo Troncoso

Excelente. Me sirvio bastante para mi tesis
Gracias Señor Ondera

c.s. sun

I think it will be helpful for me.

Malte Kölling

Wow, I love it. Works fine for R2006a

behzad keyvani

velu m

Excellent job done

Bandean Levente

nice work



Licence update - in order to comply with the new MATLAB Central's licensing policy, the licence under which NelinSys is offered here (and only here) was changed from GPL to BSD. No functionality changes have been made to the files.

Minor fix. This update improves compatibility with higher versions of MATLAB, particularly MATLAB 6.5 (R13). Nevertheless, the NelinSys tool still works best with MATLAB 5.2.

Minor changes to the documentation - some help files that were in Slovak are now in English.

For some odd reason my file was included in wrong category - "Image Processing: GUI, Display, Annotation" instead of "Controls and Systems Modeling: Control Design". With this update I'd like to correct that (there are no modifications to the files)

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