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Movie from a Sequence of Images

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Creates an avi movie from a sequence of images.

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This function makes a simple avi movie from a sequence of frames. The user can control the display time of each frame. The movie is created
in the same folder where this function is run.

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y wu

y wu (view profile)


Héctor Corte

Héctor Corte (view profile)

I have just uploaded a file similar to this one, but with the posibility of select frames on a windows instead of introduce it's name and frame number.

Thanks a lot!


Jimmy (view profile)

Hey, can someone send me the complete code as I got some errors trying to run that one. I can't find out why. My e-mail is It would be really appreciated. Thank you

Apostolos Georgiadis

Great stuff... helps alot.
You might want to add a line before the avi file creating to delete any previously created ones cause it causes an error otherwise...
delete movie.avi;
mov = avifile('MOVIE.avi');

akram sholif

i already done it.

Diogo Vicente

This function could be improved if the input parameters were not needed or if the images could be inserted as vectors, the output folder should be the a input parameter, I'll try to put here my version regarding this issues,
But good job ;)

Merlin James

useful...saved me a lot of time

Harold Odom

I've been looking for this ever since I got my Nikon CoolPix 5700.

university GA

Good file, keep them comming

ana conda

very useful for simple applications

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