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Playing Cards Toolbox 1.0

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Contains a card class for simple usage. Supports matrices of cards. 37 object methods.



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Easier to tell what this is by showing the contents file:
Playing Cards Toolbox.
Version 1.0 17-Jun-2005

What's new.
readme_card.txt - New features, bug fixes, and changes in this version.

cardplot - Plots cards (non-object).
solitaire - A solitaire game template of sorts.

Card creation.
card - Card object constructor.
cards - Card matrix.
deck - 13x4 Standard card deck.
rcard - Random card matrix.

Card tests.
iscard - True for card objects.
isjoker - True for joker cards.
isup - True for face up cards.
isvisible - True for visible cards.

Relational operators.
eq - Equal values. ==
ne - Not equal values. ~=
lt - Less than for values. <
gt - Greater than for values. >
le - Less than or equal for values. <=
ge - Greater than or equal for values. >=

horzcat - Horizontal concatenation. [,]
vertcat - Vertical concatenation. [;]

Card operations.
change - Change value and suit.
ctranspose - Flip card. '
facedn - Turn card face down.
faceup - Turn card face up.
flip - Flip card.
hide - Hide card.
joker - Change to joker cards.
show - Show card.
suit - Set or show suit.
value - Set or show value.

Card arithmetics.
sum - Sum or "weighted" sum of values.
weight - Weighting card values.

Card plotting and display.
table - Creates a card table.
delete - Deletes plotted card objects from table.
deselect - Pick a card with the mouse.
disp - Display card objects.
display - Standard output for card objects.
plot - Plots cards on a table.
select - Put down picked card.
slot - Card stacking slot.

Card layout.
csize - Size of card.
cwidth - Width of card.
layer - Set or show card layer.
layout - A layout manager.
position - Set or show card position.
snap - Snap cards to grid.

The toolbox contain several examples in order to quickly get started.
The plot function uses the CARDPLOT utility.

Note: Refer to CARD/DISP for how to change the display format for cards on the std output.


Comments and Ratings (4)

Jort Gemmeke

Thanks for the nice toolbox.

I have one bugfix: if you delete() a card twice, delete crashes with an error. The fix is to include a test in delete.m:

if ~isempty(c(i).h)

around the "if any..." conditional.


Ahmed Bajaberd


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MATLAB 5.2 (R10)

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